Although Stikvalda is a new company, it takes bold steps forward by bringing together a team of professionals in the field of glass production. The company manufactures and installs frameless glass structures not only in Lithuania, but also abroad. All the products are custom-made according to the taken measurements. Glass products are easy to take care of, the client does not need to purchase any specialised cleaning supplies. We offer more than just standard solutions.

Glass products is an excellent choice for those who seek elegance and exclusivity. Excellent value for the money is guaranteed.

Our company provides all glass structure-related services. We meet at your convenience, listen to all your needs and help you find the most suitable solution. Striving to provide exceptional services, we offer speed, quality and responsibility for all our customers. We are valued for our loyalty not only by furniture manufacturers, but also by architects and designers.


Our vision is to become a reliable, recognised, innovative glass manufacturer that satisfies the needs of its customers.


Our mission is to implement any idea by applying advanced technology in order to ensure the quality and speed of service.


Our aim is the quality of this company to implement its vision.