Glass railingsare

Glass railingsare one of the most popular glass products. They can be made of tempered, laminated or tempered-laminated glass. Glass railings can be installed with stainless steel posts, handrails. Glass is most frequently used when manufacturing outdoor and office railings and is usually combined with wood handrails that serve as a decorative element in home interior. We also make French balconies which are highly popular abroad.

Glass partitions

Glass partitions are one of the most popular indoor structures. Clients choose them to separate spaces that serve different purposes. They are not only functional, but also very stylish. Modern technologies allow us to customise the size of glass walls. One of the most popular types of glass partitions are made of clear glass, decorated with frosted glass film, however partitions can be made of tempered and laminated glass as well. We also manufacture and install partitions with sliding doors. Extensive modern fittings line allows us to offer comfortable mounting solutions.

Glass roofs

Glass roofs. It is hard to imagine the facade of a modern building without a glass roof, which is a safe frameless tempered glass structure installed with a stainless-steel tripwire that can be mounted on a metal, concrete or wood structures.

Glass splashback

Glass splashback is a stylish, practical and virtually perfect solution for your kitchen. First of all, we offer only tampered glass splashbacks as we are aware of the high risk of breaking standard glass in the kitchen. The thickness of glass is determined by various factors. Usually, the thickness of the glass used for the splashback varies from 4 to 6mm. You may use clear or ultra-clear glass depending on your expectations for the kitchen design. We are pleased to introduce UV printing on glass. The selection of available print designs is very broad, however, if you find it too difficult to choose, send us an image taken by your phone or downloaded from the Internet and we will print it on glass.

Another option is to use RAL colour chart for glass painting. All you have to do is choose the colour and we will take care of everything else. If you order the installation service, measuring works will be carried out free of charge.


Mirrors. The thickness of mirrors can be selected from three options: 4,5, or 6 mm. You may choose an ordinary mirror, the so-called silver mirror, as well as tinted brown or grey mirror and antique Morena mirror which is a really great choice for exclusive home interior. Please note that cut mirror is dangerous, its edges are sharp, thus special treatment is necessary. One of the ways to soften the edges is sanding, which makes the edges matt. Another option is polishing, which makes the edges glossy.Those who desire luxurious and exclusive design may choose faceting, which is decorative edge treatment by bending.

We may frame mirrors upon your request, all you have to do is choose the frame you like. The frame may be installed to sliding doors of the closet or in a special niche.

It is recommended to stick a protective film on any mirror. In the event of breaking, glass film prevents the mirror from shattering into large chunks and keeps the broken pieces in place. It a safe solution for clients who have children and want to purchase a large solid mirror.

Tempered glass

Tempered glass is a type of glass processed by thermal treatments, which is 5-6 times stronger than normal glass. We recommend choosing tempered glass in places with high safety and security level, since, when broken, such glass crumbles into small granular chunks. We offer to temper clear or ultra-clear, tinted brown, grey or green as well as frosted glass. The thickness of the glass may vary from 4 to 12 mm. After tempering, the glass can be painted a colour chosen from RAL colour chart, decorated with a glass film or frosted based on the selected template.

Laminated glass

Laminated glass, also known as Triplex, is used when a highly resistant safety glass is necessary. Laminated glass is produced by bonding two or more pieces of glass with a polyvinyl butyral (BVP) interlayer applying specific temperature and pressure. Due to such bonding, laminated glass looks like a solid one-layered glass. This type of glass is characterised by exceptional safety. Even in the event ofbreaking, the bonding interlayer prevents the glass from breaking up into sharp and hazardous pieces. The thickness of the glass layers varies from 4 to 30 mm. The combinations of laminated glass can be chosen from a variety of selections.